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Assessing fund impact: Building an Allocator's Climate Scorecard

Liza Rubinstein Malamud, Carbon Equity
Benjamin Ratz,
The session will focus on assessing the climate impact performance of VC or PE funds.

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There’s a market consensus on selecting funds on financial performance but no standard and little guidance on assessing climate impact performance. There’s a lot of variation in what fund investors value when assessing impact, and much to learn by talking to other climate fund investors about what they think are the best predictors of climate impact.

During the session, key questions participants will answer include what they think are the three most important things to look at when assessing the climate impact potential of a fund and why, frameworks used for impact due diligence, and the biggest questions or unknowns regarding fund impact due diligence.
Participants will discuss different views on assessing climate impact, learn from one another, and start working towards more consensus on what really matters: driving capital to where it’s needed most.

This Ripple is right for you if you are an impact fund investor (public, private, or non-profit).


Liza Rubinstein Malamud (1)

Liza Rubinstein Malamud
Carbon Equity

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Benjamin Ratz

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