About The Drop

The Drop is Europe's leading Climate Tech event, designed for people who want to meet and learn from the founders, investors and climate experts who are driving solutions to the climate crisis forward. 

Last year, over 500 climate founders, investors, and experts were in attendance bringing over 100 billion USD in investable funds for climate under one roof and proudly boasting a balanced 1:1 ratio of founders to investors.

The goal of The Drop is to bring together climate-focused investors from across Europe, as well as those who have yet to dedicate their funds to climate-related initiatives, in order to foster inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and connections. This gathering is not just a one-time experiment; it will now be an annual event where startups, investors, and thought leaders come together to explore innovative solutions.

While the conference is invite-only, individuals who share the passion for addressing the climate crisis are encouraged to join the waiting list and reach out for potential participation. The Drop 2023, set to take place on September 7th in Malmö, promises a day filled with joy, passion, and action. Attendees can expect engaging discussions, serious talks, and opportunities to explore investment options that can contribute to solving the climate crisis.

By creating a space where passionate individuals can connect, collaborate, and invest in addressing the climate crisis, The Drop conference aims to be a catalyst for meaningful change and a driving force towards a sustainable future.


Pale blue dot invest in seed-stage climate tech startups that reduce and reverse the climate crisis and help us prepare for a new world.

Pale blue dot have raised two funds with a total of €180m to invest, based in Malmö, Sweden, and invest in early-stage companies in Europe and the US.



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Domino is a business design studio that partners with climate-led companies to design strategies, brands, products & services.

Committed to working with “first dominos”, Domino champions bold visions and manifests them into brands and products with the understanding that it takes only one well-placed domino to set off a chain reaction and change the way entire industries behave and operate.


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Funding and organising partners

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Through “IRIS – Investment Readiness in Skåne”, The Drop is and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund via Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Almi, Malmo Stad, Region Skåne, and Event in Skåne.

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All procurement and partnership decisions throughout The Drop's creation and operation has been developed in alignment with Almi's sustainability and diversity policies. These policies can be found here (in Swedish). 


The Drop has received Greentime Sustainable Certification, meeting criteria as a sustainable event, across the board. 

Greentime Sustainable Certification
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